Hypnosis & Mindfulness
for Conception, Birth and PostPartum

by HypnoDoula Maeva

The Baby Wagon Membership

The Next Baby Wagon 12 week circle
starts Feb 1st!

Join the Membership, connect with other couples due around the same time and get access to:

online childbirth class NYC

Confident Birth

Based on Hypnosis and Mindfulness, this class will teach you techniques to prepare your Mind as much as your Body for Labor and Birth

Educate Yourself

Set your Intention for the birth of your baby

Prepare Your Mind: Hypnosis & Mindfulness

Prepare Your Body: Soften and Open

Prepare with your partner


Postpartum recovery Class

Confident PostPartum Recovery

Your Guide to healing your Pelvic floor and your Core after Pregnancy and Birth!

What is the Pelvic floor

What to expect after birth

Exercises that work

What is Diastasis recti

Exercises to heal your core

Birth Fear

Fear Release course

Your Guide to releasing your fears about labor, birth and postpartum.

Acknowledge your fears and limiting beliefs

Release your fears

Fear Release meditation

The Membership Includes:


Access to all my Classes

Delivered Weekly to your inbox! The Confident Birth Course, the Birth Fear Release Course & the Confident PostPartum Recovery course!


Weekly Group Sessions with Maeva

Join me every week as I answer all of your pressing questions and help you review what you learn in the class.


Guided Meditations/Hypnosis sessions

A library of guided sessions to help prepare your mind for labor and birth.


Monthly Exclusive Interview

Meet and speak directly with experts in the field of Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum.


Weekly Email Support

Weekly information based on how far along you are in your pregnancy and what you should focus on for the week.


A Supportive Community

Connect with other members who are due around the same time


Private IG for Members only

I will come on regulary and host live sessions and interviews


Members Discount

For Pregnancy and Postpartum products.

Weekly meetings are held:
Saturdays at 9.30am EST or 3.30pm Paris Time
Wednesday at 8.30pm EST or 5.30pm PST

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