The Confident Birth course is a comprehensive childbirth preparation program based on Hypnosis and Mindfulness.

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Who should take this class?

I know there is a ton of information out there and it can feel quite overwhelming! Does this sound like you?

You are scared to give birth

You may have heard some scary stories, maybe you are scared of the pain or maybe you are not sure how you are going to get a baby out of your vagina...

You are not sure about pain management

We will cover all the different interventions and pain relief medication so that you know all your options.

You are not sure how to prepare

We cover a lot of tools: self-hypnosis, meditation, breathing, massage and make sure your partner knows what to do!

You don't know how to advocate for your wishes

You will learn how to have a conversation with your care team and advocate for yourself.

Confident Birth Course

What you will learn in the modules


Educate Yourself

  • What happens during labor: the physiology of birth
  • Your baby's role during labor
  • Common interventions and pain relief options
  • Cesarean birth
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    Set your intention for the birth of your baby

  • Find your voice & Connect to Yourself and your Baby
  • Examine your fears
  • The purpose of a birth plan
  • Navigating the Crisis of Confidence
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    Prepare Your Mind with Hypnosis & Mindfulness techniques

  • Breathing techniques
  • The Power of Affirmations
  • Release your fears
  • Visualization & Meditation techniques
  • Phones

    Prepare Your Body: Soften and Open

  • Posture & Stretching
  • Getting your Baby in an Ideal Position for Birth
  • Body & Mind Challenges
  • Preparing your perineum
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    Practice and Coping Tools

  • Stages of labor: Understanding your body's signals.
  • Birth Partner tips
  • Tools: Massage, Counter pressure, Birth & Peanut ball
  • Practice Review
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  • Induction
  • How to help your labor progress
  • Pushing
  • From Fearful to Confident and Excited
    about giving Birth.

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    The online classes include the pre-recorded modules and a weekly live class with Maeva where you review your practice and ask all the questions you have. You also have access to extra meditation MP3s, a bonus module abour breastfeeding and community support with the people from your class.

    The weekly Q&As are recorded and uploaded to the class portal

    You can access the class content for 6 months.

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