12 week Membership with HypnoDoula Maeva

“Preparing with Maeva gave me and my partner the information and confidence we needed. Not a tiny bit of fear crossed my mind, and even though I was in pain, I felt joy after every contraction, I knew she was coming closer to me.”

Caleb Cruz
Barbara Di Creddo
Model and Mum of 2

"Thanks to my work with Maeva I was able to relax and trust my body throughout the process and finally meet my baby boy! I felt incredibly proud of my body and so empowered after giving birth. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to overcome fear or just have a more positive birth experience.”

Nathaniel Garner
Lindsay Ellingson
Model, Mum of 2 and
Founder of Wander Beauty

"I was terrified and super scared of birth given all the stories I've read, movies I've watched. And I was also very fearful of the idea of epidural. I felt a lot less scared after taking the class and I was very happy to report that I managed to give birth to my son without epidural! I am so grateful for what I learned in this class!"

Nathaniel Garner
Siqi Mou
Mum of 2 and
Founder of Hello Ava Beauty

“Overall my labor was one thousand times more calm than I ever imagined it could be, thanks to Maeva. Maeva's classes via zoom during COVID were the highlight of our week, and kept us grounded and peaceful. It still felt like we were able to connect as a group and get one-on-one support despite not being in the same room. ”

Nathaniel Garner
Katelyn J

“This class is the best! Maeve is absolutely wonderful! I couldn't have been happier with the choice for preparing for my first birth. I learned so many helpful tools and was grateful to have them during the birth.

Nathaniel Garner

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