online childbirth class NYC

Confident Birth

Based on Hypnosis and Mindfulness, this class will teach you techniques to prepare your Mind as much as your Body for Labor and Birth

Educate Yourself

Set your Intention for the birth of your baby

Prepare Your Mind: Hypnosis & Mindfulness

Prepare Your Body: Soften and Open

Prepare with your partner


Postpartum recovery Class

Confident PostPartum Recovery

Your Guide to healing your Pelvic floor and your Core after Pregnancy and Birth!

What is the Pelvic floor

What to expect after birth

Exercises that work

What is Diastasis recti

Exercises to heal your core

Birth Fear

Fear Release course

Your Guide to releasing your fears about labor, birth and postpartum.

Acknowledge your fears and limiting beliefs

Release your fears

Fear Release meditation

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